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$10.00 — On sale

Letterpress notebook printed in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Like other places in the world, there’re so many printing store in the city, but there’re only few letterpress printers now. It’s a lot of work and takes time to set the letters.
Sometimes people prefer faster and cheaper printing. Letterpress printing can’t be fast and cheap like them.

As I was working on this notebook, I felt like it was like cooking a special dish or something. I chose the papers, cut them, choose the words and types, then printed. Waited until it got dry. Put the paper together and waited to get dry again. Fold the paper, put the cover and put some glue and another waiting...

While I was working on it and even while I was waiting, what I put was love and excitement. I was excited to put all the ideas and it was such a cool feeling watching each little progress, then I was so looking forward to using it.

Now finally I have some for you! I hope you enjoy this one of a kind notebook...!

(Now means now, now is the time.
Get ready!!)

“Ahorita” literary means “now”. But actually it depends on the situation how they mean. If you don’t know Mexican culture much, you might get confused. But it’s such a useful and Mexican words! You need to be get ready...NOW!!(not mañana!hehe)

Size : 14.5cm c 21cm
Inside : blank(the first page is washi paper with phrase by silkscreen printing. Second page is silkscreen printed image.)

I will ship it from Mexico with MEXPOST. I can send it to anywhere in the world. FYI, It will take about 3 weeks to get to your place. I will let you know the tracking number and you will be able to know where it is traveling at the moment.