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Image of CALENDAR 2019



This calendar is hand printed by me. It includes 12 images of woodblock printing. Each month has different image of woodblock printing. I also printed the name of the month and the calendar part with screen printing.(2 colors)

It took me a lot of time making this one by one, but I enjoyed all the process. So I really hope you can enjoy spending the year of 2019 with this calendar.

The calendar starts from April 2019 and ends March 2020.😄🌸
It’s still not too late to get one calendar!

All images are original print, so even when you finished the year you can keep and enjoy as a mini book.

*if you want to see inside, please visit my Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bbz2bv-hxDx/

I put lots of love! Hope you enjoy it and smell of ink, too!